Electroacupuncture (ETPS-electro therapeutic point stimulation)
This modern adaptation to the traditional Chinese acupuncture does not utilize needles nor does it perforate the skin, instead it uses a stimulator that is applied over the skin which sends small electrical impulses in order to treat general and chronic pains. This works by using a system of microcurrents scientifically proven to stimulate a series of points called meridians that run through the body,in order to correct energetic imbalances in the body.

The therapy is based on sound medicine firmly grounded in the concepts of acupuncture, modern neurology, microcurrent stimulation and myofacial release techniques (muscle relaxation). The unique contribution of ETPS therapy in relieving pain comes from the synthesis of these different streams, combining the knowledge of these different therapies in easy to implement protocols.

Is the Dolphin MPS safe?
The Dolphin MPS is battery-operated and very safe. It produces stimulation in the low microcurrent range, hundreds of times less than conventional TENS. The Dolphin MPS may be applied facially, to children (not infants under 2 years old), and to the elderly to benefit their health and chronic pain. Contraindications: Patients who are pregnant, have cancer, are epileptic (or prone to seizures) or fitted with cardiac pacemakers, should NOT use the Dolphin MPS.

It is beneficial for a great variety of pains and problems such as:
Abdominal pains, Arthritis, Dizziness, Sciatica, Hypertension, Insomnia, Neuralgia, Muscle pains, Menstrual pains, Rheumatoid pains, and Tooth pains.

Additionally, it alleviates accumulated tension, pain and fatigue in the arms, back, chest, legs, neck and shoulders.

Using the electrical impulses to stimulate the acupuncture points, this instrument does not perforate or damage the skin. Therefore, it eliminates the possibility of bleeding from the needles and infections caused by viruses or bacteria. It is a safe and reliable treatment.

Neurophysiological effects
Relaxes muscles, loosens bands, releases trapped roots by trophodemas or muscle contracture, releases natural opiates, stimulates circulation, re-polarizes acupuncture meridians.

Treatable Problems
  • Horizontal or transverse scars (neural therapy and re-polarization)
  • Back pains (para-spinal the peripheral therapy)
  • Muscle pains
  • Vertigo
  • Digestive problems (cystitis, rhinitis, gastritis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Migraines
  • Jaw pain (ATM)
  • Ear buzzing
  • Hip pain
  • Knee and elbow pains
  • Tennis and golf elbow
  • Intercostal Neuritis
Scar Removal with Acutherapy. ETPS
Acupuncture Scar Removal Therapy (Acutherapy) alters scar tissue both aesthetically and it allows the injured area greater mobility.

Scar Removal Therapy with MicroCurrent (ETPS), which is a needle-less acupuncture procedure that works successfully in any scar tissue.

Scars anywhere on your body that are causing you pain, inhibiting your range of motion, or are simply unsightly, can be successfully treated with this therapy.

Benefits of Acupuncture or MicroCurrent in Scar Removal:
 • Thick scars become thinner and softer
 • Discolored scars look more like the skin surrounding them
 • Range of motion greatly increases
 • Pain reduction
 • Numbness reduction
 • Tingling reduction
 • Itching reduction
 • Minimizes scarring after surgery
 • Phantom pain/symptoms go away

Scars That Benefit:
You can assume that any scar that is tender to touch or pressure around its edges is causing interference and needs to be treated with Scar Removal Acupuncture or MicroCurrent. Red, bulging, lumpy, discolored or scars that have sensations around them, like numbness, tingling, aching, or itching, need Scar Removal treatment as well.

 •Facial Surgery
 •Shoulder Surgery
 •Knee Surgery
 •Any Body Surgery
 •C Section
 •Breast Reduction/Enhancement
 •Dog Bites
 •Plastic Surgery (Facial Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery)

Plastic surgery scars will heal faster allowing the artistic work done to remain as intended by the surgeon. Scar tissue continues to accumulate until the wound is healed. Excess scar formation occurs when people take longer to heal than normal. If they sleep on one side for example, one side of the scar heals different than the other especially in nose surgery. Blood and energy do not flow through scar tissue as it is thicker and more fibrous than regular tissue. This means that blood and energy must go around the scar tissue and thus pain is created and other consequences of minimal blood flow appear eg. headaches, pain, numbness, dull skin color, or dry skin. Plastic surgeons are sending their patients to have MicroCurrent treatments immediately following surgery to accelerate the healing process and minimize the formation of scar tissue. Clients see results sooner than those who do not use MicroCurrent after surgery and Surgeons maintain their good reputation for facial sculpting.

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