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Safe Surgery

During the beginning of 2020, most surgeons stopped performing elcetive surgeries. Once they realized that their inquires increased, surgical facilities slowly began to open back up. With society's acceptance of many changes, 2021 is the best year to put your best you forward. Plastic surgery is quickly becoming the norm, as many people begin to embark in the surgical journey. Many individuals are electing for tummy tucks, butt lifts, and lipo. They are also doing facial reconstruction and many more enhancements to themselves this coming year. According to ISAPS, the following surgeries were reported the top for 2019's worldwide census.

Over 10 million persons are vaccinated in Florida alone, which is making it very promising for a post covid-19 world. With more people protected, surgeons are more comfortable with performing surgeries. So what's new? Masks are very mandatory for surgeries still. They are also requiring a neagtive covid test days before surgery. Yes, surgery is very much available now; but still protect yourself.

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