Hi my name is Luz Acosta and I am a massage therapist and owner of LA Massage by Design – a spa recognized for specializing in treatments for esthetic post-surgical recuperation. Our treatments include ultrasound, manual lymphatic drainage, kinesiotape, myofascial release and other massage techniques. Many of our patients are men and women who have undergone and are recovering from plastic surgery such as tummy tucks, fat transfer,breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and facelifts.

What are post-surgical treatments? What does it consist of?
Post-surgical treatments have two main objectives: First ensure the physical and psychological well-being for the patient. This means that we will use different techniques to reduce any inconvenience caused by surgery and also help resolve any doubts that arise to the patient during the healing process. Second is to speed recovery, enabling the patient to resume their normal personal and professional activities.

To meet these objectives, we personalize our treatments to each patient and type of surgery to achieve optimal results.

What is MLD?
Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a manual therapy that we must differentiate from the conventional therapeutic massage in which pressure is higher because a treatment of muscles and increased blood circulation is sought. MLD acts in the lymphatic system to help reduce fluid retention caused by surgery. Its effect on the parasympathetic nervous system produces heavy sedation, causing the patient to feel very relaxed at the end of each session. It is important to note that manual lymphatic drainage helps improve healing by reducing edema, decreasing tension in the scar which facilitates healing.

When do you start recovery treatments?
Post-surgical treatments begin (always with permission and supervision of the surgeon) approximately 24 hours after surgery at which we begin the PROTOCOL for effective, painless and quick recovery.

Although maneuvers in MLD are always harmonious and with minimal pressure, in this first session they are especially soft to begin to decrease the edema (fluid retention), but ensuring the comfort of the patient at all times.

Are post-surgical treatments painful?
Manual lymphatic drainage it is a not only painless but enjoyable for the patient. The feeling you have during the session and throughout the next several hours relaxing as tension in the area is being released and also produces a light sedation.

Can Ultrasound prevent and treat capsular contracture?
Ultrasound has a fundamental role in the treatment of post - surgical breast augmentation. Application starts approximately seven days after surgery in order to improve the elasticity of the pectoralis major which is significantly stretched when the implant is placed under the muscle. This facilitates the recovery of  tissue mobility and natural texture and thereby preventing the formation of a capsular contracture.

In the case of a pre-existing capsular contracture, ultrasound (with antibiotics prescribed by the surgeon) is the treatment of choice with highly satisfactory results, AVOIDING IN MOST OCCASIONS further surgery.

In addition to the treatment of muscle and joint injuries, why do you use the kinesiotape?

The kinesiotape or neuromuscular bandage is very useful in the treatment of post - surgical plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. For example, in mastectomy patients with lymphadenectomy (patients who removed them axillary nodes) it is used when we observe an increase of edema in the affected arm (lymphedema). The kinesiotape  along with  DLM and a set of exercises given to the patient, can help minimize edema and keep it under control.

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