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L.A. Massage by Design offers surgical, body contour, and medical massages. The photo above is a depiction of a before-and-after result of a post-surgical massage.

Our surgical massages are designed to create maximum results after surgery. Our surgical massages are hands-on massages that combine the use of hand techniques, tools, and machines. The massages are perfect for people who have had recent surgeries as well as people who may have had surgery sometime in the past.

Our medical massage is designed for patients who experience pain. We use trigger point to alleviate pains for our clients.

L.A. Massage by Design offers carboxy, Kinesio tape, and other treatments that assist with results. Many of the treatments are included with your massage so feel free to ask your therapist for more info!

Carboxy is great for clients who are looking to sharpen their look. Fibrosis is the leading cause for people not liking their results and carboxy is the ideal way to get rid of it. Carboxy also reduces stretch marks and cellulite. 

Kinesio Tape is an add-on designed to help with shaping and inflammation. Paired with a massage, it assists with creating the best results.

We offer alterations for your fajas. Alterations are not offered every day so please contact our facility for the alteration day for the week you would need an alteration. For best results, please come in with your faja on so we can see the exact adjustments that need to be made.

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