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Body contouring with hifu

Non-Surgical - Non-Invasive
Invasive fat reduction procedures, such as liposuction, typically carry certain surgical risks and are associated with significant post-treatment recovery downtime. Even newer, minimally-invasive techniques are still surgical procedures. Unlike these types of surgical fat reduction procedures, the Lipohifu  treatment is non-invasive and patients typically resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Custom Contouring
Patients come in all shapes and sizes, and so does their fat. Other non-invasive body contouring devices can be limited in their ability to treat certain areas of fat and may require several hours and/or multiple treatment sessions to adequately address problem areas. The Lipohifu  system is highly versatile, allowing control over precisely how and where energy is delivered, for a truly customized treatment in a  one-hour session.

HIFU Technology
With many other non-invasive fat reduction technologies, such as radiofrequency and lasers, energy is highly absorbed or scattered near the skin surface, thereby limiting penetration into subcutaneous fat tissue and delivering only temporary results. Ultrasound energy, on the other hand, can be used to penetrate through the skin layers and into the targeted fat tissue without harming skin or surrounding tissues. Other ultrasound body contouring technologies often use low-intensity, low-frequency, or unfocused energy which can require multiple treatments and lead to unpredictable results. The Liposonix system uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to non-invasively destroy targeted subcutaneous fat and deliver uniform, predictable results after a single one-hour treatment.

What Can Lipohifu  Do For You?
If you’re close to your ideal shape, but need a little help getting there, Lipohifu  may be for you. Lipohifu  treatments use high-intensity focused ultrasound to non-invasively get rid of targeted fat around your waistline (abdomen and love handles) without surgery. The average waistline reduction after just a single one-hour treatment is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) – which typically means one dress or pant size.

Liposonix Results
Results are typically seen in 8 to 12 weeks (which is the time needed for the body to naturally process the treated fat).

Lipohifu  is not liposuction or surgery, is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and exercise,and is not a way to lose weight. But it is a quick, easy way to help you slim that last inch and hit your personal shape goals.

Carboxytherapy is one of the new treatments that are creating a buzz in the medical venues all over the world. Unfortunately, most people are hearing about Carboxytherapy but, they do not know much about it. Below, you will find all what you need to know about Carboxytherapy.

What is Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is the process of treating your cellulite problems, stretch marks and also old wounds with Carbon Dioxide gas in order to restore the shape and appearance of healthy skin.

Carboxytherapy Mode of Action

Carbon Dioxide is a natural gas that exists in the body of every person. It is a byproduct of metabolism and it increases with the increase in exerted muscular effort. This means that when you practice physical exercises, the amount of carbon dioxide in your tissue will increase.

The role of carbon dioxide is to dilate the blood vessels of the body in order to receive more oxygenated blood carrying nutrients to the muscles. This explains how the muscles grow after exercise. Carbon Dioxide also has another important role which is destroying the fat cells which are found in the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

Carboxytherapy Uses

Carboxytherapy could be used for the treatment of cellulite, stretch marks. As for the cellulite, patients could make use of Carboxytherapy to get rid of cellulite because of its effect on fat cells. Carbon Dioxide is able to destroy most of the fat cells beneath the skin. In addition to its effect on fat cells, carbon dioxide will also increase the amount of blood reaching the fibrous tissue layer beneath the skin. So, your skin will look healthier because of the increased blood supply, your fibrous tissue will get thicker and firmer with less fat cells in between.

Carboxytherapy for Cellulite

Cellulite is formed because of the accumulation of fat cells between the fibrous tissue filaments so, removing these cells and increasing the firmness of the fibrous tissues will end such problem permanently.

Carboxytherapy for Stetchmarks

Moreover, those who are suffering from stretch marks will also benefit from Carboxytherapy immensely. Stretch marks appear after stretching skin to the limit. This always happens during puberty, when the body grows up quickly over a short period of time; also it occurs during quick weight gain or pregnancy. When the collagen fibers are stretched to the limit, it breaks down and several blood capillaries are torn during the process and this results in the appearance of pink streaks. After that, the blood is absorbed and the line loses its pigmentation leading into a white line or a stretch mark.

Carboxytherapy can increase the amount of fibroblasts at the site of the stretch mark. Fibroblasts are the source of collagen fibers which are responsible for the elasticity of the skin. CO2 also will help increase the blood supply carrying micro globules of pigments that will restore the normal pigmentation of the skin. On continuation of Carboxytherapy for several sessions, the stretch marks will disappear completely leaving the skin healthy, homogenous, firm and elastic.

What is the process of Carboxytherapy?

First of all, we will examine your body and decide the amount of CO2 that should be injected in the site. The session will take from 10 to 15 minutes where the CO2 will be injected under the skin using very minute caliber needle (less than 0.3 mm)

The process is very simple; there is no recovery period or pre operative technique as there is no anesthesia involved in the session.

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